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Learn a language 
from the comfort of your home

Connecting those who love to teach & learn languages

We are teaching English, Hindi, Tamil, Spanish, German and French languages for the past 7 years to all age groups across the globe for academic learning, competitive exams, conversation skills, etc with our team of teachers at The Language Hive. Specific time slots are available for students living in PST/BST/EST/CET/CST & IST time zones

as per your convenience.

We prefer teaching using activities and videos as well as songs to make it interesting. Also, provide worksheets and conduct tests. Courses offered include various workshops, Delf, Dele, Siele, TEF/TCF, etc training, and school/college coaching for all boards & grades including IB/MYP/PYP/IBDP & other international boards.

We assure one-on-one attention to ensure better learning. All lectures are personalized as per student's requirements. 

language courses

Age 4 onwards

online course near me
personalised courses offered by thelanguagehive
interactive sessions

Courses include:

  • Listening

  • Speaking

  • Writing

  • Comprehensions

  • Grammar

  • Study material

  • Vocabulary building

  • Certifications 

  • Practice material 

  • Curriculum guidance

Personalized 1:1 sessions

  • Schedule as per your convenience

  • Proven results

  • Doubt solving

  •  Paper practice 

  • Homework worksheets

  • Tailored to your requirements

  • A unique method of teaching

Group sessions

  • Small groups for effective learning

  • Individual attention 

  • Learn with your friends or siblings

  • A unique method of teaching

  • Doubt solving

  • Homework worksheets

Live interactive sessions

All our teachers are trained & oriented to use the online mode of teaching efficiently

They are subject matter experts & are

capable of teaching the language across all boards & in any aspect required

All our teachers are

certified & experienced


We offer classes for: 
French | Spanish | German | Hindi
English | Tamil | Punjabi

& more




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Student Outdoors

Top DELF students

Vishal A1: 100
Rohan A1: 80
Vishal B1: 83.5
Jason A1 Junior: 91.5
Aira B2: 86.5
Nishtha B1 junior: 81.5
Geetha A2: 81.5

Top DELE students

Baseem A2: 76.5
Amrit B2: 80.5
Harsha A1: 92.5
Reema B1: 89.5
Shrishti B2: 78.5
Vicky B1: 72.5
Bhavna A2: 82.5


Shayak Spanish IBDP: 7/7
Jason French IB: 7/8
Niya French IBDP: 7 /7
Nishtha French HSC: 96/100
Rehaan French CBSE: 38/40
Shreya Spanish IG: 78/80
Darsh German IB: 7/8
Vidhi German HSC: 93/100
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